Reflexology is an ancient healing modality based on the principle that the entire body is reflected on the feet, hands, and ears.  Springing from the same roots as acupuncture, a Reflexologist locates different reflexes on the feet, and by applying a gentle pressure can alleviate tension and bring balance back into the body.


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Reflexology can alleviate tension and pain

Why Reflexology?

Quite simply Reflexology is an alternative approach to medicine that treats the WHOLE Person instead of just a symptom.  For example, if you came in for a session because of migraines, back pain, or a hormonal imbalance, a Reflexologist would concentrate on specific points to alleviate your pain or imbalance, but would also take into account your whole being and work your feet accordingly.

Reflexology can feel like a wonderful deep foot massage! But, it is so much more. Reflexology has been shown to improve circulation which leads to less conjestion in the body and therefore, improved health.



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