Ayurveda is one of the most powerful and sophisticated mind-body health systems in the world. Dating back almost 5000 years, this whole life science continues to provide contemporary effective health and wellness guidelines even today. Ayurveda does not merely focus on illness. It provides comprehensive guidelines to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential.


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One of the most powerful and sophisticated mind-body health systems in the world

What an Ayurvedic consult with Vaidya Shah means: During the one hour initial intake, Shah will listen to your problems as you experience them, in your own words. All factors – diet, lifestyle, sleep, bowel movement and stressors – that affect the quality of your life and health, are assessed in great detail. The questionnaire and Ayurvedic pulse reading provide vital clues to your unique body type and current dosha energies. Shah uses all these inputs to develop a customized wellness plan with an Ayurveda diet, lifestyle modification and suitable ancient herbs. Shah is willing and interested in collaborating with your primary care giver, in your best interest, but only at your comfort. This helps in developing the least invasive and most effective integrative therapy plan for you.

With every follow up visit you take another step towards wholesome health and wellness. Your continued journey of education and empowerment under the expertise of Vaidya Shah, guided by the time tested Ayurvedic principles of living, brings long lasting balance, peace and harmony in your life.

Vaidya Shah has over 25 years of experience practicing and teaching Ayurveda but she is NOT A LICENSED MEDICAL PRACTITIONER OR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL in the United States of America. Ayurveda consultation and recommendations are not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis and treatment for any disease, mental or physical, by a licensed medical professional. No modification or change in medical advice should be made without the knowledge and approval of the primary caregiver/medical specialist.



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