January Newsletter-SAD and More SAD

The acronym stands for two deflating concepts – Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Standard American Diet! How appropriate, as each does surely bring one down in mood.

Some people are more affected by the hibernation instinct – a desire to sleep more and to consume more carbohydrates to be stored as fat for energy during the long winter’s nap. Try these few simple strategies to help with this type of depression:

1 teaspoon of high quality fish oil

Vitamin D3 – have your level checked and keep it between 50-80 (those with cancer, 60-100)

Use a quality lightbox such as Northern Lights and Lightbox Co – see attached article

And when it comes to the SAD diet, remember the quality and quantity of carbohydrate consumed will make a difference in either feeling sharp or sluggish. We all need carbs – they are the gas to the car engine, but when overeaten, insulin will be secreted in excess, resulting in an energy crash or low blood sugar. Unfortunately, this creates a vicious cycle, and one can easily get into the carb addiction mode. Be sure to choose carb foods with 3 grams fiber or more and 6 grams sugar or less and have a portion (about 15-20 grams carbohydrate) at meals and snacks. Very active individuals may require larger amounts but it will be important to keep the portions steady and throughout the day.